Blazer of Glory

This is the Closet Core Jasika Blazer. I decided to try a more tailored jacket this Fall and have had good results with this indie pattern co. (Ginger Jean’s are great!) But I knew it would be challenging.

I decided to go for the class they offer and it was a quite a good investment of about 40 dollars. I felt 40 times more confident than if I just had the written directions to follow.

It starts with a muslin.

I chose size 14 based on my bust size. From there I was able to adjust a few parts for a nice fit. Adjustments I made:

1. Shorten whole thing by 1 inch.

2. Shorten sleeves by 2 inches.

3. Lower bust dart 1 inch.

4. Shorten shoulder length by 1/2 inch.

From there, I cut out my corduroy and interfacing and fused it all, put in the tailor tacks and markings and learned to make a diagonal welt pocket.

Yay, once the front was done, sides and back were added, the back has a vent. More welt pockets, and flaps , lots of pressing.

Sleeves! With sleeve heads and shoulder pads.

Tools like tailors ham, which I made, and sleeve roll, press cloth, steam. I don’t have have a fancy iron, mine worked fine. Don’t forget the clapper, my husband made me one, but a good chunk of hard wood is fine. The result is a good fitting and sharp looking blazer. The corduroy is soft and cozy, so it’s got a casual vibe as well, which is my style, casual, classic and fun.


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