Faux Fur Coat

I started this in 2019 and got stuck on the collar. I didn’t have an idea for it and the fur was a bear to sew. Fast forward a few years and I decided to use this little strip of contrasting faux as the collar. It was simply the whole little rectangle that I used. Where did I even get it? I accepted donations of fabric in the past, so probably this scrap was given to me, but so long ago, I dont recall. I always loved the spotty fur and folded it in half longwise immediately and thought “you will be a collar one day,” so now it is. It’s a small scale collar for such a big furry coat. Fun. Also showing here is the lining I chose, another donated fabric I was holding onto for ages. It’s a brocade. I made this coat to have fun and be a little over the top. I will wear it this winter.


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