I’m Still here! Thanks for checking.

Its February already, 2020. The Fall of 2019 passed quickly and Winter 2020 is flying along. So much has happened and been made that I’ll not be able to catch up. Some highlights of have been flannel shirts, more jean’s, cardigans, turtlenecks, underwear, coffee filters and zipper bags. That’s enough to share now. It’s been busy and I’ve sewed every week, except a few weeks when my Juki broke down hard.

Here are a few projects of late.

Undies, I spent a day making 5 pair.
Sequined dress I made for New Years Eve (at home, lol)
Pajama pants for the guys.
I bought the sleeve expansion for my Closet Case Kalle Shirt pattern and used this gorgeous and soft yarn dyed cotton.
I was low on coffee filters, so decided to try making some after dreaming I found them at a store. I used scraps of heavy cotton and light linen. Both work so well! Success.
I sewed with my lovely sister in law on Tuesday and we made these zippered bags. So fun to sew together. Love you, Bev.

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