I can’t stop making….

My 3rd pair of Jean’s are in the making. This pair features love and happiness pockets.

I participated in #memademay on IG. I had no trouble wearing me-made clothing everyday, but I did have challenges with my photos. I’m not good at selfies and struggled to portray my outfits. Something to work on.

I envisioned a linen skirt and this lacy overshirt, both came about with no particular pattern. I let the fabric inform me to its design. The linen became a circle skirt and the lacy fabric is to be worn over camisoles. Together, or not together…

This is my first button down since my shirt making period in 2015-16. It’s got a kimono style sleeve which is fun.

This is a loose fun top from a Folkwear pattern that caught my eye.

I needed a fresh bag.

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