Spring renewal

So, we had a big trip to BC, Canada and returned to the Bay Area, CA. I guess it was time to look at what I’ve done and what I want to do. I have several projects that are calling out to me, but I needed to put on the brakes and look at these small pieces of fabric I’ve been holding onto.

The Dress 1 from #100actsofsewing is a good start point for a bodice that fits me. So, by cropping it into a top and adding sleeves, I found it’s possible to make a top with 1 yard of fabric. Voila.

I have at least 4 more of these on the pile. It’s so wonderful to not waste ends, remnants and bits. It is bringing out the creative. It’s fun and just what I need before delving into my next more difficult projects.

It’s Mother’s Day again. ♡♡Thanks mom for the sewing example.

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