Hi. I’m trying a few Folkwear patterns. I felt an attraction to something different and saw this Old Mexican Dress pattern I wanted to try as a shortened top.

This is a rayon crinkle gauze I got at the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse a few months ago. The fit was pretty good and its lovely and airy under the arms. I wore it to work and some of my coworkers have the pattern but never made it.

I got some new rayons today to try to make up a few more. It’s a good summer day top.

This pattern is the Romanian Peasant Blouse, also Folkwear. It’s a wonderful pattern, fully gathered at the top with a drawstring, small square gussets under the arms. It has layouts for embroidery and also a smocking instruction for the neckline as a choice.

I tried the simple drawstring version in this lightweight yarn dye plaid. I kept all the pieces starting on the same spot in the plaid, so the effect is obvious here. Its a modern version.

I’m going to try the smocking on my next one.

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