Peace, love and jeans.

Well I did it!! Its a milestone for me and I’m proud as a peacock. Day 2 of the jean’s adventure has resulted in a pair of wonderfully fitting new jeans. Bear in mind the pattern was 19.00, the fabric was 24.00. That’s a great thing. Self designed Jean’s for 40ish dollars.

I dont usually get all economical about my makes, but in this case, I can’t help it. It adds to my joy, more cash for other sewing projects!

I got all complex and added a special interior to my waistband, which shows a bit here, oh well….

Bless this tummy in these jeans. By the way, this is non-stretch old school “rigid” denim. So, the fit is pretty important. I’m a mix of sizes, so I mixed them. There is just enough ease to move and sit, but, still fit. Lol.

And here’s my jeans fitting my straight up and down not curvy self. Well, subtle curves….

The surprise today was the jeans buttons I bought were weirdly terrible. The posts bent instead of inserting into the button upon hammering. Cheap metal? I’m not sure. But, I had a package of 4 dungarees buttons on hand and they worked just as well. It’s a button fly, after all.

Lastly, for my top stitching. I chose a subtle gray, and for my back pocket decor, I decided on a peace sign. We can all use a little peace in our days. ♡

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