Into the great unknown I go:

That’s my toile cutout for my first ever me made jean’s. I spent a good deal of time reading the straightforward instructions for the “Dawn Jeans” by Megan Neilson Patterns. I selected the waist and hips lines that match mine (not the same sizes as the patterns!) and tapered the lines, then traced the altered pattern to my pattern paper.

Next step, baste it up and try it on.

After cutting out the hybrid of my 2 closest sizes, I stitched it up with lots of top stitching and buttonhole practice. I also used my toile fabric inside out as an idea. I’ve had this in my stash for several years, a gift from someone else’s destashing.

The fly went together very easily and I was happily surprised. The pockets confused me quite a bit because I tend to think ahead and they involved following instructions that at first made no sense, but later, voila, exactly. Faith was required and I can learn from that.

The back pockets and yoke went fine, then the inseam and side seams. Finally, I tried them on. There was tightness in the hips and upper thighs. I ripped out the side seams and added a quarter inch between the waist and upper thigh area, that eased some tightness. Then I ripped out the inseam and took another quarter inch out of the crotch and upper thigh area, tapering into the normal seam allowance above the knees.

This was a pretty good fit, but there is not much ease in the thighs when I sit. The next time, This will be in non-stretch rigid denim. It reminds me of high school days and tight Levi’s that needed breaking in.

I say, it’s a pretty good fit. With room for my tummy. 😉

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