Koi Linen

I bought this Koi digital print linen at Stone Mountain and splurged because it was for my kitchen. I wanted to cover our exposed pantry shelves and calm it down a bit. I hung the 2.25 yard piece and it was lovely for about an hour before the cats pulled it down. They win.

So, having it around meant that I made a dress with it. This is Dress no. 1 with added sleeves. I am so happy to have a sleeved option for the summer. The sleeveless one is cute, but my arms are not anything to show off. I usually wear them as a jumper, but hot temps make that uncomfortable.

Oh Linen, I love you, even though you require me to finish my seams. Also, this was sheer enough to need a lining. A lot of labor for such a simple garment, but I’ll get loads of wear, so hooray. Thank you kitties, I wouldn’t have done this one without you.

Other news, I made a muslin for my Cinema Dress from Leisle and Co. There were bust issues and my usual narrow shoulder issues. I sorted them out and ready to shop for something gorgeous. 🙂

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