A great day of sewing.

I spent the morning going back over my dress version of the Friday Co. Square neck top. It’s in a tavern sign based fabric in warm neutrals with charcoal black crows, horses and wine bottles and glasses. It’s been in my stash for a few years, a quilting cotton weight, very nice. As I lengthened the top into a dress length, I wondered: should it be a full flare A-line? Or, just straight pencil style? I ended up in between.

The second thing I couldn’t stop thinking about was how nice black piping would be on the neckline. Since I’d already sewn the facing in, it seemed daunting to rip that out and install piping. My improv solution was to make a bias strip and sew it to the inside of the neckline with just an eighth inch or so showing on the front.

Oh lately I’ve gotten curious about linen towels. I bought a yard of 106″ double wide linen and cut it in two. Then I hemmed them all around. I can’t wait to try one, but too busy sewing. Lol.

It didn’t stop there. My next project was to make a toile for the Sewhouse Seven Teahouse Dress. I made the shirt version in muslin and the fit was pretty good for my measurements. I just need to lower the ties a half inch. It needs 3.5 yards so: shopping!!!

Next (omg) was to use a yard and a half of sheer gold/yellow linen I bought at EBC4CR to make an unlined, summer light Wixton. So many challenges! Finishing those long seams tested my patience, but alak and alas: a beloved garment.

Finally, I fashioned a sleeve for my Dress #1 pattern. I researched and found a sleeved shirt with similar shapes and copied it. I practiced sewing it onto my muslin and it looks pretty good. Ahhh. Life is good. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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