Improv Surface Design

Today I woke up early and started working on woven version of the square neck top made for knits by the Friday Pattern Co. I made my adjustments to the pattern. I looked over my stash to see what I wanted to use.

With no clear plan, I cut out the front and back in a lightweight denim. I was sure I needed to really make the surface interesting and colorful and break up my solid garments. I layed the pieces out and started playing with scraps, strips, etc…and as I worked, this design evolved. I was liking the strips and selvages and started weaving some diagonals through my verticals.

I finished by adding the middle strip of contrasting red orange. Then, I pinned it down and appliqued the whole thing to the back, then the front. I left raw edges exposed and a sewed with a contrasting thread.

When that was done, I sewed the top together, added the facing, hemmed it up. I kept the hems and neckline clean to balance all the rough edges. Right now it’s still a bit shocking to me, as many my creations first seem so foreign to me. Where did this come from? It came through me. I did it.

One thought on “Improv Surface Design

  1. Hiya Alice…the top you made is lovely! Especially like that you did the appliqués are on the front AND back…a pet peeve forever has been decoration that is not carried through the entire garment. We are more than just fronts, lol!

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