Design Life

The most solid satisfying moments I have are creating; objects that are beautiful and useful, a well balanced poem, a phrase of music. In this case I was inspired by the Japanese cat fabric to design a bag that I will use daily to tote my notebook, books, media, music, lunch, etc to my job each day at the library. I have been grabbing colorful plastic grocery bags for this use until now.

The Japanese cat fabric is linen (1/2 yard)  and to reinforce it and add structure to the bag I layered it with cotton quilt batting and sandwiched that with a remnant of upholstery fabric. The lining is a floral cotton. I incorporated a sectioned wrap around pocket in the lining to keep small items organized and out of the way.


I did not use a pattern. Instead I studied the way many other bags are made and I improvised mine to maximize the 1/2 yard of Cat fabric.


I quilted the layers between the cat heads. VOILA! I love my bag. Something I will use every day and which will cheer me with these merry cat faces and feel cozy anytime I pick it up. This is what I mean when I say design life. I like the design life.

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