Zig zag quilt progress


Orange and turquoise zig zag quilt is in the quilting stage. These colors are so stimulating together that it calls for a laid back quilting treatment. I’m echoing the. Zigs and zags in subtle machine stitching. The lime patterned backing is so soft and cozy. This is a quilt for curling up in. Comfortable, durable and energizing.

6 thoughts on “Zig zag quilt progress

  1. Hi Alice, When the Orange and turquoise Zig zag quilt is done, would you be willing to sell it to me? I’m a sucker for Orange & Blue (the UF school colors 🙂 Jeff.

    1. Aw, I know what you mean. But anyway, I will be gifting it to you after the quilt show, or sooner if get another one made in time. Yes, visits are long overdue.

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