A cake to jump out of…

This past week I made a cake prop for a library first anniversary-birthday party. My challenges were: to make it big enough for our children’s librarian to jump out of, to spend no money by using on hand materials and to make it modular so we could take it apart easily and put it back together really quickly.

Three parts: top, with a handle inside, the middle, 3.5 feet wide to accommodate a crouching person, the bottom level, 4.5 feet wide.

Materials used: re-purposed cardboard boxes, almost wilted duct tape, contractors tape I found, discarded rolls of receipt paper, tissue paper from shoe boxes, rubber bands, donated roll of crepe paper, 2 empty toilet paper rolls, recycled green paper and some hot glue I just had on hand.

Success level: very high. A good surprise was had was 3-5 hundred people.

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