Triangle Improv

Off book, just making an experiment with the piecing solid cotton into triangles together in a playful pattern. The quilting is done with a big freehand pattern on my sewing machine with a walking foot. This piece is small enough to hang on the wall with small paintings.

My first Pandemic…

This past year has been an emotional rollercoaster starting with abject fear of an apocalypse through many months of “lock down,” businesses shut down, quarantine, covid scares, and much more. All of us went through it together and just these last weeks we are beginning to see the light at the end with vaccinations. In fact, I can only now make post because my husband now his vaccine ( I’ve had my first) and I can finally stop worrying about him.

Mask making was a big thing.

I’m Still here! Thanks for checking.

Its February already, 2020. The Fall of 2019 passed quickly and Winter 2020 is flying along. So much has happened and been made that I’ll not be able to catch up. Some highlights of have been flannel shirts, more jean’s, cardigans, turtlenecks, underwear, coffee filters and zipper bags. That’s enough to share now. It’s been busy and I’ve sewed every week, except a few weeks when my Juki broke down hard.

Here are a few projects of late.

Undies, I spent a day making 5 pair.
Sequined dress I made for New Years Eve (at home, lol)
Pajama pants for the guys.
I bought the sleeve expansion for my Closet Case Kalle Shirt pattern and used this gorgeous and soft yarn dyed cotton.
I was low on coffee filters, so decided to try making some after dreaming I found them at a store. I used scraps of heavy cotton and light linen. Both work so well! Success.
I sewed with my lovely sister in law on Tuesday and we made these zippered bags. So fun to sew together. Love you, Bev.

Cat team

I recently made a cover for an old but still warm quilt and the 3 cats are giving it a go. Seriously, I love them, but wonder why they have made me their leader. Can you find them all?

I can’t stop making….

My 3rd pair of Jean’s are in the making. This pair features love and happiness pockets.

I participated in #memademay on IG. I had no trouble wearing me-made clothing everyday, but I did have challenges with my photos. I’m not good at selfies and struggled to portray my outfits. Something to work on.

I envisioned a linen skirt and this lacy overshirt, both came about with no particular pattern. I let the fabric inform me to its design. The linen became a circle skirt and the lacy fabric is to be worn over camisoles. Together, or not together…

This is my first button down since my shirt making period in 2015-16. It’s got a kimono style sleeve which is fun.

This is a loose fun top from a Folkwear pattern that caught my eye.

I needed a fresh bag.

Spring renewal

So, we had a big trip to BC, Canada and returned to the Bay Area, CA. I guess it was time to look at what I’ve done and what I want to do. I have several projects that are calling out to me, but I needed to put on the brakes and look at these small pieces of fabric I’ve been holding onto.

The Dress 1 from #100actsofsewing is a good start point for a bodice that fits me. So, by cropping it into a top and adding sleeves, I found it’s possible to make a top with 1 yard of fabric. Voila.

I have at least 4 more of these on the pile. It’s so wonderful to not waste ends, remnants and bits. It is bringing out the creative. It’s fun and just what I need before delving into my next more difficult projects.

It’s Mother’s Day again. ♡♡Thanks mom for the sewing example.

Sketch everyday

Recently my husband and I road tripped from our Bay Area home to Beautiful British Columbia.

We built a small log cabin in the “bush” north of Yale, which is north of Hope, which is East of Vancouver. No electricity or running water means a portable solar system and dishwashing in the Creek.

It was restful and stressful alternately, but many days of just reading and looking at beautiful green things budding out everywhere happened.

I managed to applique some butterflies to my Old Mexico top.

I just signed up for a Udemy course in Scandinavian Surface Design, and 2 music courses as well. I’m feeling ready for school as I always feel like learning and taking on new projects after travel.

Sketching everyday, exercise everyday and relax everyday.

Summer tops

This is from the Old Mexico Dress pattern from Folkware Patterns. I changed the neckline and adhered some butterflies I cut out from a piece of fabric from the free community bin at Stone Mountain Fabrics. I will hand applique them on my vacation, I’ll be camping in Canada.

Here is another version in super sheer and soft rayon voile batik. You can’t even see the neckline with such a busy pattern.

Summer ready.

Kitty time

Bella aka Little Kitty, exploring for cat foods in the box.

Peanut’s silky fur, just washed by him. He washes himself to sleep.

Big Kitty, herself, posing and showing her glam side.

These are our cats and they provide affection, entertainment and vet bills.